Extreme anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant racism.

Peter Zieve has had enough of Muslim refugees, or as he refers to them, "terrorist savages." The aerospace manufacturing CEO has created an atmosphere of intolerance at his company, Electroimpact, and has been hostile to employees who dare to express their discomfort.

Zieve espouses extreme anti-Muslim views, and he even refused to hire people he believed to be Muslims. Just last year, he had to pay $485,000 for having used discriminatory hiring practices.

In addition to being a discriminatory employer and an anti-Muslim extremist, Zieve is a huge supporter of Republican Dino Rossi. He's given Rossi's campaign the maximum donation allowed by law. Peter Zieve knows as many other right-wing ideologues know: Dino Rossi is not the moderate he claims to be.

Peter Zieve: an extremist welcomed as part of Team Dino.