Not every legislator espouses conspiracy theories and secession. But not every legislator is Matt Shea.

If you don't know who Matt Shea is, here's a brief introduction.

Representing the 4th Legislative District in the state House, Matt Shea apparently doesn't want to commute to Olympia anymore. That's because he'd rather commute to a different capital closer to home once he succeeds in making Eastern Washington secede from the rest of the state (he actually introduced legislation to split the state in two).

Matt Shea has other extreme views, too. He has compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis, calling the health care organization “evil” and asserting, “There is no difference between Planned Parenthood, and what Dr. Josef Mengele did in Germany in the 1940s.”

Shea has also been busy this summer pushing conspiracy theories at the Red Pill Expo, a conference put on by the esteemed "Red Pill University," a group of far-right conspiracy theorists who model themselves after characters from "The Matrix" and who defend their claims no matter how much science and truth to the contrary they are forced to ignore in that pursuit.

The website for Red Pill Expo is full of engaging topics like "Healthcare or Herdcare," "Military in the Deep State," as well as a promise from founder G. Edward Griffin that, "Red Pill Expo and Red Pill University are here to stay."

Just as these long-rejected ideas (that Matt Shea somehow supports) are making their way into political discourse, the long-rejected candidate Dino Rossi has made his way back into politics as well.

So it's only natural that Matt Shea would support the Republican Dino Rossi, too. And he does. The two spoke at the Douglas County Republicans' Lincoln Day dinner in May, with Matt Shea calling for secession and Dino Rossi seemingly going along with it.

Such is the way of Team Dino.