Found to have behaved inappropriately with multiple students and fired from his tenured position.

Matt Manweller is a staunch supporter of Republican Dino Rossi. During Rossi's 2008 gubernatorial run, Manweller was one of his top advisers. When Rossi proposed reducing the minimum wage by $1.50 per hour, Manweller went on the attack, calling critics of the idea "stupid" and calling minimum wage workers "dumber than a post."

Until recently, Manweller was a tenured professor at Central Washington University. But a series of sexual harassment claims from multiple students led to his suspension, and when an investigation into the claims found in August that Manweller had engaged in inappropriate behavior with multiple students, the university fired Manweller outright.

Rossi proudly touted Manweller's endorsement in a recent press release.


Matt Manweller: an important part of Team Dino for over a decade.